Against the turbulent backdrop of the past two years, one message stands out loud and clear—that the need for increased diversity and inclusion is as relevant and crucial as ever. And at HSM, we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that our company and the greater hospitality industry are inclusive, reflective of, and respectful to the communities and cultures in which we all live, work and travel. That’s why we developed our industry-leading Supplier Diversity Program, begun nearly a decade ago to help us engage, support and create business opportunities for diverse and disadvantaged companies and customers. Since the program’s inception, HSM has cultivated relationships with more than 4,900 women-, minority-, veteran-, LGBTQ-, disabled- and disadvantaged small businesses.

Recently, we sat down with five members of the HSM team to hear their perspectives on the importance of supplier diversity, as well as gleaning their advice for prospective vendors interested in partnering with HSM. Follow along this month as we share a series of five Insights articles celebrating achievements and new opportunities emerging across five fields of supplier diversity. Up first, we spoke with Corey J. Brown, senior manager of Energy Procurement and Strategy, to learn how his team is promoting diverse opportunities in energy, seeking out partnerships with Black-owned businesses and leading HSM’s energy program toward a first-in-class position:

HSM: How does supporting Black-owned businesses contribute to HSM’s Supplier Diversity Program?
Brown: HSM’s Supplier Diversity Program has come a long way, but we still have farther to go. In the past decade, HSM has cultivated relationships with a number of enterprises that in the past may have been overlooked. Supporting Blacked-owned businesses and seeking out diverse suppliers is an important part of HSM’s commitment to doubling its sourcing from diverse suppliers by 2030.

HSM: How are you and your team specifically contributing to supplier diversity at HSM?
Brown: We contribute to supplier diversity within the energy space by proactively seeking out vendors with diverse backgrounds when establishing the criteria for an RFP or energy-related projects. This commitment to seek out diverse vendor relationships further builds on the platform of Hilton taking the time and effort to expand its ever-growing network more equitably.

HSM: Why is Hilton’s commitment to supplier diversity so important?
Brown: Our commitment to supplier diversity, in my belief, will only make Hilton a stronger advocate to promote opportunities for vendors. Committing to a diverse supplier network shows our business partners that we seek a more representative and complete supply network of qualified vendors. Our proactive approach within our energy program builds upon the foundation of making sure that we work with the best and that our partners can deliver exceptional value for Hilton and our guests.

HSM: Do you have any advice for Black suppliers wanting to partner with Hilton?
Brown: My advice for any diverse suppliers who want to partner with Hilton would be to believe in your product, show the value your product will bring, and promote who you are and your passion for what you do.

We appreciate Corey and his colleagues’ ongoing efforts to promote a more inclusive, innovative and competitive network of energy partners within our portfolio. Learn more about HSM’s commitment to double our sourcing from diverse suppliers by 2030, and stay tuned for our upcoming Insights installment.

Published: November 04, 2021

Category: Supplier Diversity