About HSM

What sets HSM apart?

HSM provides unparalleled customer benefits—including strategic global partnerships and competitive negotiated commercial terms—as the world’s leading hospitality-focused procurement, logistics and end-to-end supply chain provider. By leveraging our rapidly growing customer base of 17K+ properties worldwide, we create massive economies of scale, connecting our customers with the right products and services at the right price. We also offer tailored turnkey solutions that integrate the latest travel trends, giving participating properties a competitive advantage to capture greater market share. From real-time industry insights and dedicated advisors to total visibility into the purchasing process, partnering with HSM means getting more from your procurement provider.


What industries does HSM serve?

HSM offers sourcing in every major hospitality category, including Food and Beverage (F&B), Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E), Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E), Energy, and Property Operations. We provide eProcurement access to more than 500,000 unique products and services sourced through 3K+ suppliers across the globe, and we also offer full-service FF&E support for new builds, conversions, renovations and beyond.


Can any brand participate with HSM?

Yes. HSM works with 140+ brands in 145+ countries and regions.


What suppliers does HSM leverage?

HSM has developed relationships with more than 3,000 suppliers across the globe, and our network ranges from contracts with industry leaders such as Sysco, Guest Supply, HD Supply, Grainger and Vistar, to partnerships with regional and locally based suppliers and distributors.


Am I required to use HSM suppliers exclusively?

While some brand agreements may stipulate sourcing requirements (e.g., required prototypical FF&E or OS&E packages), most also offer a choice of procurement service providers. HSM has one of the most flexible participation agreements within the industry, and our required participation is more of a goal than a mandate.


What cost savings can we expect immediately?

Many HSM customers begin seeing savings as soon as their next invoice—but what we pride ourselves on providing to our customers is value. Our expertise lies in making the connection for customers between operational efficiencies and incredible value, ranging from bespoke product innovations for brand partners to white glove service for property-level FF&E and F&B upgrades. While the typical HSM customer sees an annual savings of 10% over our competitors, the overall estimated value/cost benefit to our customers is much greater.


How does HSM support supplier diversity?

Through our award-winning Supplier Diversity Program, HSM has made meaningful connections with more than 2K+ small, disadvantaged or minority-, veteran-, LGBTQ-, women- or disabled-owned businesses. In 2022, our diverse supplier spend exceeded $220M, and we’ve committed to double our sourcing spend from diverse suppliers by 2030.

About GPOs

What is a GPO?

GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations) enable businesses to unlock discounts from vendors and suppliers by providing collective purchasing power. The GPO infrastructure is an effective way for companies of all sizes to save money on essential goods or services, while strengthening ties between like-minded organizations. HSM is the world’s only hospitality-focused, global GPO.


What can HSM as a GPO do for you?

Through their network reach, HSM provides members with reliable access to products at reduced costs. They offer a “one-stop shop” option along with convenient e-procurement tools for ordering and tracking inventory conveniently from any location. HSM customers also benefit from site-specific reporting and personalized account management. Finally, HSM is continually sourcing new products, so customers remain up to date on current market trends, yielding optimal returns.

Get In Touch

Who can I contact if I need help with an existing account?

If you are already working with HSM and need assistance, please reach out to your Strategic Accounts advisor or email us at HSMx@hilton.com.


What are the steps to get started working with HSM?

To join our network of 16K+ participating properties, simply complete this form, and let us know you’re ready to start getting more from your procurement provider. It’s that easy.

A member of our Customer Engagement team will contact you promptly, get you added to our no-fee customer network, connect you with your dedicated strategic advisor and provide you with everything you need to run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively, with greater ease.


I’m a supplier – how do I sign up to work with you?

Head to Become a Supplier and submit your company information to join our network of prospective suppliers.