“HSM’s category managers understand the marketplace and the suppliers who participate in those categories. Our procurement experts make life easier for our properties.”

- Linda Theisen,VP, HSM Americas

Supply Chain Solutions To:

Our Category Management experts simplify the procurement process for customers by:

  • Supplying superior products tailored to brand specifications, company guidelines and project initiatives
  • Reducing and controlling costs using fixed-price contracts, formula pricing and forward commodity purchasing when applicable
  • Evaluating global, local markets to identify new trends and innovations
  • Reviewing contracts to analyze current spend and find opportunities for program consolidation, which can reduce customer costs

Securing The Supply Chain

Our procurement and logistics experts have developed an infrastructure designed to secure the supply chain even during turbulent times.

International distribution network
HSM’s global distribution programs help customers improve productivity, reduce costs and retain the flexibility to customize shipping and product solutions for individual markets and properties. Our account management teams work with property operators to monitor and support product inventory, stock shortages, potential outages and more.

Commodity programs to keep sourcing close
Our regional commodity programs make it easier to secure the best products at the best prices by negotiating directly with suppliers in metro areas around the globe. And our national distribution programs help us lower costs across entire regions or categories by leveraging our purchase volume to reduce base product costs for partnering properties.

Strategic supplier partnerships
HSM suppliers are selected based on product quality, cost, delivery, sustainability, leadership and innovation. We also take a category approach, identifying suppliers by region to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.

Download our Category Management one-sheet to learn how HSM is leading the hospitality industry in category management.