Source With Purpose

Supplier Diversity and Source with Purpose

HSM prioritizes responsible, sustainable and inclusive sourcing to preserve and uplift environments and communities of the world through Source with Purpose, our global strategy to advance positive impact across supply chains. Click here to learn more.


“This team has helped me immensely, allowing me to refine my business tools and shorten the learning curve as a young entrepreneur.”

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Team Up With The Best

To join forces with HSM and connect with our Supplier Diversity team:

Step 1

Complete the Hilton Supplier Diversity survey. Qualifying diverse businesses will be contacted by a member of our Supplier Diversity team.

Step 2

Submit your company’s information to our Smart Spend database for inclusion on HSM’s roster of potential suppliers. At minimum, please provide your company name, logo, industry, location and a short description. Registered potential suppliers may be contacted when a need arises for a new bid or contract for a product or service; if your company is selected to participate in a sourcing event, an HSM representative will contact you.

To qualify as a diverse supplier, business owners must meet the following criteria:

  • Own and control at least 51% of the business and identify as a woman, veteran, LGBTQ+, disabled and/or a person of color (e.g. Asian American, African American, Hispanic American, Native American)
  • Serve as President or CEO (if both positions exist)
  • Be active in daily management
  • Occupy the ownership/officer position for at least 6 months
  • Meet the pre-determined minimum qualifications certified by applicable councils

Bridge Partnership

At HSM, our overarching commitment to our suppliers is to help them succeed, grow their business and achieve their strategic goals. To deliver on this promise, Hilton and HSM have developed an exclusive partnership with Bridge to create a direct pipeline to capital funding for suppliers of all sizes and economic reach.

Our team understands that there isn’t a supply chain without suppliers, and we believe this targeted funding opportunity, a first of its kind in the hospitality industry, represents an essential step toward economic equity and a more inclusive global supply chain. Consistent cash flow is essential to the strength of any business, and this industry-leading capital investment program is designed to simplify the loan search and connect HSM suppliers with the capital support needed to scale their businesses, successfully.

Learn more about the Bridge partnership and opportunities here.

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"Our Supplier Diversity Program continues to evolve over the years, and our focus has grown to include not just dollars and spend, but the lasting impact we can make in our communities. Through mentorship opportunities, dedicated events, grant funding and new program development, HSM is helping create space at the table for everyone who is touched by travel."

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