When it comes to hospitality – or any business, really – success comes from being your best in several categories, not just one. That’s why it’s so important to find the highest quality products and services at the best prices across all categories. Or better yet, have someone else do it for you. HSM leverages the volume of our entire portfolio to secure best-in-class pricing on products and services in a variety of categories, creating extraordinary value for you. We also offer leading-edge eProcurement software and dedicated customer support to promote optimization and efficiency within your supply chain.

Through our in-depth global supply chain knowledge, rigorous sourcing events, strategic partnerships and negotiated commercial terms, we’ve developed and negotiated global and regional pricing agreements with hundreds of industry-leading suppliers of hospitality products and services. This allows us to offer our properties unrivaled, value-based pricing, superior products and the highest quality service standards. HSM offers sourcing in numerous categories, including FF&E, F&B, equipment and operating supplies, like mattresses, TVs, linens and amenities. We’ve also negotiated 60+ service contracts, including elevator maintenance, waste management, pest control and chemical programs.

To assist in the ordering and purchasing of these products and services, our HSM eProcurement system helps you to save time and money by simplifying the process with a one-stop-shop ordering platform. When you log on, you can see suppliers and products to choose from and then order everything you need at once. You can even see your past purchases and re-order them to maximize efficiency and ensure consistency. Our proprietary eProcurement cloud-based platform simplifies the buying process, allowing you to track progress, control costs, shop supplier catalogs online, get electronic PO approval, gain descending checkbook functionality and leverage above-property reporting. HSM can also customize the eProcurement system to meet the unique service, support and adoption needs of your property, including offering the latest purchasing metrics for your properties at any time, anywhere.

Despite the extensive capabilities of this leading technology, we also realize that sometimes you just need a real person to help. That’s why HSM Strategic Accounts provides customers with a trusted, strategic team of advisors to ensure that they are taking full advantage of HSM’s programs, technologies and customer support. From onboarding new hotels to providing insight and opportunity reporting, we deliver account management for your business that is tailored to our customers’ needs and priorities. As hospitality people, HSM understands that supreme customer service and support is critical to help our customers deliver service excellence. So we also offer HSMx, our dedicated help desk, to assist with replenishment orders, eProcurement questions and whatever else you might need.

To ensure success across all of the product and service categories your business needs, consider partnering with HSM. Our category experts bring decades of experience and up-to-the-minute industry insights to supplying products, reviewing contracts, controlling costs and identifying trends. And if you need someone to walk you through all of it, we’ve got a category for that, too.

Published: February 02, 2021

Category: Category Management