A great majority of travelers view sustainable travel as a critical priority, and at HSM, we take seriously our responsibility to help shape and influence the future of the travel industry. One HSM initiative designed to spark meaningful and lasting change toward climate action is the electric vehicle charging program for partnering properties.

Nearly 40% of Americans say they would consider an electric vehicle for their next vehicle purchase. By 2030, EVs are expected to represent over half of new car sales in the U.S.; though this statistic has been debated of late. And while there are currently more than 2 million EVs registered in the U.S., there are fewer than 200,000 public charging ports available.

HSM is hard at work to ensure that we are both partnering with, and investing in, businesses with the potential to radically transform the sustainability landscape while developing infrastructure for future need. With growing guest demand for EV charging, HSM is leveraging our global reach to make connections with multiple leading brands and manufacturers in the marketplace, empowering our customers to choose the program that best meets their guests’ EV charging needs. Due to industry dynamics, our EV charging program deployed in 2022 is being updated in late 2024 with additional supplier partners to meet our requirements.

Offering our customers significant savings remains a top priority for us at HSM, and customers who connect with EV charging capabilities through HSM will receive substantial savings off of MSRP. We also partner with suppliers who can offer turnkey solutions to help our clients transform their business efficiently and effectively.

Electric vehicles and accessories are a burgeoning but often unfamiliar market space, and in addition to the acquisition of charging equipment many hotels will need support designing and constructing EV capabilities on site. HSM’s supplier contracts offer full-scale customizable solutions, providing EV charging station support from site preparation, equipment installation and built-in warranty to ongoing maintenance and long-term servicing needs. And for hotels in markets where a full-scale EV install may not be pragmatic, HSM’s partnering suppliers will also offer options ranging from a monthly subscription program to fully outsourcing all elements of properties’ EV charging needs.

HSM is also working to ensure that each of our partnering suppliers has the marketing, networking, and software support to connect with electric vehicle owners in search of available charging stations. Each supplier can interface with consumer-facing apps to promote a smooth and seamless user experience for your guests, and suppliers can also help every partnering property determine the right level of access for their location.

We recognize that the power and breadth of our programs is accompanied by a responsibility to drive positive environmental and social impact across our operations and supply chain, and HSM continues seeking out new ways to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the communities where we work, live and travel. Learn more about progress made toward our Travel with Purpose 2030 goals, and contact your account manager or connect with us at HSMx@hilton.com to discuss charging up your property for a greener, brighter future.

Published: June 20, 2024

Category: Category Management