As our founder Conrad Hilton once said, “It has been, and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” And 101 years later, Hilton and HSM realize that a big part of keeping that promise involves helping to protect our shared planet. That’s why through the Hilton Travel with Purpose program and HSM’s newly-formed Global Responsible Sourcing Advisory Group, we are committed to helping the world remain healthy and vibrant for future generations.

As responsible partners to the communities in which we live and work, Hilton is redefining responsible travel by driving social and environmental change across its operations, supply chain and community through its Travel with Purpose program. This initiative represents Hilton’s corporate responsibility strategy to drive responsible travel and tourism globally. With it, we have set 2030 goals to halve our environmental impact throughout our value chain by conserving resources in our hotels, reduce the environmental footprint of our supply chain and collaborate with our local communities to invest in projects that contribute to environmental stewardship and resiliency.

HSM recognizes that sustainable practices at hotels often begin with responsible sourcing within the supply chain. That's why we are constantly looking at ways to become more environmentally friendly, whether that means investing in sustainably sourced seafood and cage free eggs or developing alternatives to plastic straws and delivering them to thousands of hotels around the globe. As the innovation and logistics center of Hilton, HSM plays an integral part in delivering on Hilton’s promise to Travel with Purpose. Under this program, we are focused on both our environmental and social impact—not only helping our hotels drive improvements in how they manage energy, water, and waste, but also catalyzing economic opportunities, promoting human rights and investing in people and local communities.

To further this work, HSM recently launched the Global Responsible Sourcing Advisory Group to identify gaps in existing efforts and to execute new opportunities to advance our broader sustainability goals. The cross-functional responsibilities of this group include establishing foundational policies, external reporting, technology integration, communication alignment and corporate responsibility. Through Travel with Purpose and the creation of this new advisory group, HSM seeks to create positive environmental and social impact across our operations, supply chain and communities. We will continue to pursue best-in-class operational excellence, engage our guests and Team Members and use our innovation and influence to make meaningful differences in the destinations and communities in which we operate.

Published: November 01, 2020

Category: Sustainability