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"There are two things that make me excited about working with HSM—the first is their willingness to do whatever it takes to get us what we need as a brand, and the second is that we’ve been able to deliver on some extraordinary projects, many of which are the first time they’ve ever been done for Hilton."
John Greenleaf, Global Head, Hilton Garden Inn

“We continue to work with HSM as they’re a go-to procurement group for a majority of our management companies. Their ability to drive value through leveraging off their strengths to deliver better pricing, and better service, and their reporting capacity is helping us identify best practices, which we can share, through our entire portfolio and drive value to the bottom line.”
Craig Amos, Apple REIT

HSM has been alongside with us from the beginning, helping us ensure that we can get the best possible pricing for our owners with a quality product. They’ve been an integral part of the [Tru] team from the beginning and, and continue to be so. Alex Jaritz, Global Head, Tru by Hilton

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