Category Management

Food & Beverage

The HSM Food and Beverage (F&B) strategic sourcing team provides value in more ways than just quality products for rock-bottom prices. We leverage relationships with national and regional food and beverage manufacturers to provide our customers with superior pricing on the consumable products, supplies and equipment needed to complete your kitchen construction, renovation or replenishment. But we also understand that F&B is a crucial part of the guest experience, and therefore offer unique programs to help you up your game while keeping costs down.

For starters, we can get you everything you need, from delicate pastry cups to hard-working kitchen equipment and all points in-between. Our consumable programs include meat, poultry, produce, seafood, grocery and dry goods, solid and frozen dairy, bakery and non-alcoholic beverages. When it comes to equipment and supplies, we offer china, glassware and flatware, kitchen and banquet equipment, large and small appliances and other small wares. But we don’t just focus on the stuff you need – we consider how to elevate the F&B experience to surprise and delight your guests.

Whether it’s Wild Georgia shrimp in Savannah or tofu pudding in Hong Kong, HSM’s regional programs help add local products distinct to your property’s neighborhood. We also have resources dedicated solely to monitoring prices on the items you use most to ensure you are getting the very best pricing available. And that’s just a taste. Our experts can provide additional value-add services for your F&B profile, like a comprehensive food safety management program backed by an industry-leader in sanitation and our white-glove project management service that includes design planning, identifying and specifying equipment, procurement, logistics and installation. 

We know F&B. And we know how to deliver an experience for your guests that is not only high-quality, but also unique and value based. 

Commodity Distribution Program

HSM's Regional Commodity Programs make it easier to get the best products at the best prices in your metro area because these groups of specialized supplier programs have already been negotiated with commodity suppliers there. We work to keep the quality high, the costs low and the sourcing close.

Pricing is negotiated by supplier category – such as proteins, seafood, produce, bakery and dairy – using a best-in-class approach of allowing market volume to sustain multiple suppliers. This gives you flexibility in purchasing the freshest quality goods while maintaining consistency in products and prices from the strongest suppliers in your market or region. What’s not to love?

Regional Distribution Programs

HSM's Regional Distribution Programs help to lower costs across entire regions or categories by leveraging the purchase volume to reduce base product costs for participating properties. By driving economies of scale, we are able to negotiate powerful savings with distribution partners covering an expanded geographic scope. Our distribution programs improve productivity and reduce costs, while providing the flexibility to customize solutions for individual markets and properties. In a nutshell, we harness the power of the group to provide more efficient, less expensive and more personalized options for your unique needs.

In some cases, we are able to even further leverage our Regional Distribution Program relationships with a strategic category management program. This involves working closely with the distributors on tactical SKU rationalization and manufacturer consolidation to achieve even greater category savings impact.

Category Management

Guest Rooms and Public Spaces

Whether you're looking for a hairdryer for your guest rooms or fresh furniture for your lobby, we have programs for everything you need, including products for ongoing operations and renovations. To keep your property running at maximum potential, our strategic sourcing team offers a comprehensive selection of competitively priced programs for in-room, public space and fitness and wellness areas.

To ensure that each guest experiences the light and warmth of hospitality, our in-room programs include bath amenities, bedding, accessories and appliances. Realizing the importance of clean and fresh-looking public spaces, we offer programs including floorcare equipment, housekeeping carts and accessories, matting and uniform apparel. And for increasingly popular fitness and wellness spaces, our programs include fitness and spa equipment and amenities, accessories and flooring.

Category Management

Property Operations

To keep all the operating areas of your property running smoothly, we’ve negotiated an extensive range of products and services with supplier agreements that include maintenance repair and operations (MRO), service agreements and print and promotional items.

Having identified the nuts and bolts of what you need to keep your hotel running successfully, we offer essential MRO equipment and supplies, including tools and hardware, electronics, RFID door locks, safes, plumbing and paint, signage, vehicles and vehicle wraps and chemicals.

When needs arise that can’t be handled exclusively in-house, we have established relationships through service agreements in areas such as pest elimination, water treatment, TV content, credit card acquiring, gateway and security, elevator maintenance, public space cleaning, temporary labor and third shift, scenting and clean air, roofing, public space music and on-hold messaging and waste management.

For print and promotional materials to market your property and to keep things looking sharp for guests, we can assist with key cards, logoed F&B disposables, logoed apparel, in-room collateral, on-property marketing materials, business cards and stationery and more.

Category Management


We understand that procurement involves more than just the items that go within the walls of your hotel, but also includes the energy that helps your property run. HSM manages the purchasing of electricity and natural gas in regulated and deregulated markets, in addition to providing renewable energy and related utilities programs for our properties. We offer programs for efficiently reducing the cost and carbon footprint associated with the consumption of required utilities and also manage supplier relations for purchasing energy-related hotel services and products.

Our energy procurement services include electricity, natural gas or steam, alternative renewable energy, utility bill pay and energy audits and management services. Our offerings also include energy products, such as HVAC, PTAC and thermostats, lighting controls and electrical supplies, electric vehicle charging and building automation systems.

Category Management


We understand that the power and breadth of our program comes with a responsibility to help protect the planet and the communities surrounding the properties we serve. As such, HSM is committed to driving a global, sustainable procurement strategy that takes into account the environmental, social and economic impacts and benefits to our properties.  

Our guiding force in this endeavor is Travel with Purpose, Hilton’s corporate responsibility strategy to drive responsible travel and tourism globally. Through this initiative, we seek to create positive environmental and social impact across our operations, supply chain and communities. Specifically within the supply chain, we aim to reduce waste and are especially focused on three material areas: soap recycling, food waste and single-use plastics. We are continuously working with our partners to find innovative ways to reduce the overall amount of waste produced in our hotels, while taking steps to divert remaining waste from landfill through donation, composting, recycling, energy from waste incineration and other diversion opportunities.  

To help track our progress, HSM leverages industry-leading technology that allows for evidence-based assessments into our daily sourcing business practices, including vendor registration, compliance, sourcing and supplier performance and relationship management. This technology allows us to gain visibility of supply chain risk. We are also able to establish governance over Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) supply chain reporting through a cross-functional Responsible Sourcing advisory board. This board helps us to achieve regional coordination of our supply chain commodities on a global scale.  

To learn more, check out our 2030 Travel with Purpose goals.

Category Management

Responsible Sourcing

HSM plays a big part in delivering on Hilton’s promise to Travel with Purpose by being committed to responsible sourcing withing the supply chain with a focus on both our environmental and social impact. This involves finding ways to be more environmentally friendly, promoting human and animal rights and conducting supplier due diligence.  

In an effort to protect our planet and its animals, HSM is investing in sustainable seafood, cage free eggs and in developing alternatives to plastic straws to deliver to our thousands of hotels around the globe. We also sustainably source meat, poultry, produce and cotton at managed hotels (where available). To achieve this, we have created a framework for collaboration with top-tier suppliers, validating them through audits and encouraging them to set sustainability goals through incentive programs. We have also partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to develop a procurement strategy that helps protect endangered species.  

To help protect our planet’s people, we perform supplier due diligence and offer training on modern slavery in labor sourcing. We have also conducted a supply chain risk assessment, identifying the following categories for additional attention from a modern slavery perspective: services, meat, seafood, produce, garments and textile. In addition, our Responsible Sourcing Policy outlines the fundamental principles, environmental, social and economic, that are expected of all suppliers, regardless of the region in which they are located.    

Through our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing practices, HSM strives to make a positive impact across our global supply chain.

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