Shop Everything You Need, All At Once

Our eProcurement system helps customers save time and money by simplifying the purchasing process from top to bottom.

Key procurement information at your fingertips

Stay ahead of the competition and change the way you manage purchasing with HSM’s Customer Portal, providing leading-edge technology that tracks supply chain partnerships and activities in real time.

Download our Reporting & Technology one-sheet to learn more about how HSM is placing information at our partners’ fingertips.

Customer Benefits Include:

  • Scalable solutions tailored to specific brand requirements
  • Full supplier and product visibility
  • Ability to order everything you need, all at once
  • Easy access to track spend details at a property- and portfolio-level
  • Access to eProcurement catalogs arranged by category
  • Capacity to create personalized catalogs and “favorites” lists
  • Past purchase visibility to ensure consistency and efficiency when re-ordering
  • Customized integrated features including inventory control, electronic approvals processes, and portfolio-level benefits
  • Personalized customer service and strategic support
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“HSM is constantly working with our distribution partners to further digitize the procurement process, help our customers move toward truly touchless invoicing and leverage approaches like electronic data interchange, using technology to take the friction out of the supply chain.”

- Jon Scofield, VP of Strategy and Business Operations
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