as of March 30, 2020

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hilton Supply Management is actively monitoring the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on supply chain operations around the world. To effectively mitigate supply chain risk, HSM has created region-specific teams to assess potential impacts and work with our suppliers globally to minimize business disruption.

We have implemented plans to address potential sourcing challenges for high-risk categories, including:

Operating Supplies & Equipment:

As of March 6, 2020, our suppliers have received a dramatic increase of hand sanitizer orders which has led to a US nationwide supply shortage. Please be advised of the following:

Hand sanitizing stations and pumps are out of stock.

Hotels may use existing sanitation containers as the purchase of bulk production hand sanitizer is more feasible. Staff are discouraged from throwing away refillable containers with pumps, and to keep smaller personal containers to refill from bulk products.

Hand Sanitizer: Suppliers are currently in backorder or out of stock. Properties are advised to continue to place orders as needed to secure their place in the ordering queue.

Status by supplier as of 3/30/2020:
•Ecolab: In backorder status and fulfilling orders as they receive stock.
•Grainger: In backorder status and fulfilling orders as they receive stock.
•HD Supply: In backorder status and fulfilling orders as they receive stock.
•Diversey: In backorder status and fulfilling orders as they receive stock.
•Guest Supply: Out of stock. No ETA on additional supply.
•Office Depot: Out of stock. No ETA on additional supply.
•American Hotel Register: Out of stock. No ETA on additional supply.

Disinfectants: Some suppliers are beginning to run low on certain SKUs.
•Ecolab - no shortages.
•Diversey- Some SKUs have limited availability. New SKUs have been added to EPA approved disinfectants that can combat  COVID-19.
•P&G- Some SKUs are running low.

Be sure to wipe down high touch point areas regularly. Front desk staff should regularly wipe down workstations (phone, mouse, keyboard.)

Gloves: No current shortages. Staff are encouraged to wear nitrile gloves.

Soap: No current shortages. Staff and guests are encouraged to regularly wash their hands. CDC guidance is vigorously rubbing hands together with soap under warm water for 20 seconds. 

Gym Disinfecting Wipes: Low in stock. We are researching products to ensure they are safe for use on equipment before recommending alternatives.

Masks: There is a world-wide shortage of masks and respirators. Currently suppliers and manufacturers are giving preference to healthcare organizations and government entities.

Food & Beverage:

•At this time there are minimal transportation delays, however, there may be slight increases in shipping rates over the next few weeks. We will continue to manage the situation closely and alert properties as appropriate.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment:

Even as production facilities in China come back online, we recommend instructing your teams to review the source locations for these products and allow additional lead time when ordering.

The well-being and safety of Hilton Team Members, guests, and partners will always be our top priority. We remain committed to supporting our Team Members, hotels, partners and communities as the situation evolves.

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